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Virtual Data Center based on VMware

Guaranteed security and reliability of your IT infrastructure


Save on the cost of infrastructure, maintenance, and support

Reduced costs

Save on expensive equipment purchases and convert CAPEX to OPEX

Backup copying

Create backups or snapshots in minutes

Monitoring, maintenance, and updates

We guarantee high quality services

Complementary services

Use Bitnami templates, S3 storage, CDN, GPU, and other services to optimize your work

Single management point

Manage your entire infrastructure with VMware Cloud Director.

Flexible management of virtual machines

Create, clone, and scale your infrastructure to adapt it to the current load as quickly as possible.

What tasks does IaaS solve?

IT infrastructure deployment in the cloud

Scaling up during seasonal business or peak periods

Hosting websites, mobile, and web applications

Fast launch of businesses, startups, and diversification

Use as a backup site

Use as a development and testing environment

Benefits of Sbercloud

Reliability: Tier III data centers, 99.982% SLA. Infrastructure compliance with 152-FZ, security level UZ-1.
Full-featured API and availability of the provider's terraforms
Two data centers in the Russian Federation
Cloud migration and 24/7 tech support to help you solve any issues
Enterprise-class hardware and the latest software versions on the virtualization platform
Isolated infrastructure, DDoS protection, and regular IS audits
14-day free test period

Comprehensive infrastructure security

Certificate of compliance with the requirements of 152-FZ for the 1st level of security (UZ1)

Zero trust security model ensured by NSX

FSTEC and FSB licenses

Regular penetration testing

Basic DDoS protection included

Regular IS audits to meet high security requirements

Virtual data center based on VMware